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For every commercial transaction it is critical that you investigate the adoption status of the roads surrounding a site. Failing to identify developments where adoption procedures have not been dealt with adequately can cause delays to the transaction as well as pose a risk to the purchaser's future plans for the site.

In addition, it is important to consider what impact proposed changes to on-street parking, waiting and loading restrictions and road improvement schemes could have on business trading.

The SiteSolutions Highways Report from Argyll Environmental, part of Landmark Information Group, is available from PSG and has been developed to deliver:

  • Consistent, concise information
  • Manual data aggregation
  • £10 million professional indemnity cover
  • Data sourced from the relevant County Councils and Local Authorities across England and Wales
  • Site sizes up to 15 hectares

It includes:

  • Road Adoption Status
  • Footpath Adoption Status
  • Verge Adoption Status
  • Traffic Schemes & Orders
  • Scheduled Roadworks
  • Existing Rights of Way
  • Proposed or Amended Rights of Way

Key features:

  • Standardised presentation site plan’s clearly detailing adoption status of surrounding roads, footpaths and verges.
  • Ability to request specific roads are searched
  • Maps to locate & detail traffic schemes which could affect parking, deliveries and access
  • Identification of roadworks planned in the next 6 months, advising of the utility responsible and the anticipated severity of delay
  • 200m buffer zone from site boundary ensuring relevant data is captured and reported
  • Answers to questions raised by LPSLG & APSL
  • Inclusion of a manual review with each report 


For further information, contact your local PSG office.


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