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Energy and Infrastructure

As the Government calls for improvements to our infrastructure and investigates alternative energy sources to cope with an ever growing population, it is important that home buyers are made aware of any potential issues caused by such changes to our landscape.

Schemes such as High Speed 2 (HS2), on-shore energy exploration & development and Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) are all widely featured in the media but you should consider the impact that they might have on your client’s property purchase, whether existing or in the planning stages.

Our range of reports not only help your client to make an informed decision but also enable you to meet your client care requirements and are a valuable addition to your due diligence obligations.

Choose from the following reports, all of which are available on PSG Connect.


SiteSolutions Energy & Infrastructure

This combined report provides

  • Mapping and detail showing the location and distance to operational and planned solar farms, wind farms and wind turbines
  • Clear mapping of the proposed HS2 railline for both Phase 1 (London and Birmingham) and Phase 2 (Manchester/Leeds) including depots, stations and, critically, the safeguarding limits for Phase 1
  • Data on the Crossrail development including route, stations and safeguarding limits
  • Historical and existing oil and gas licensed exploration blocks and drilling locations
  • Information on the Yorkshire and Humber Carbon Capture and Storage Pipeline (CCS) and Cross Country Pipeline including route and location of ancillary compounds
  • Location of Renewable Energy Plants including Anaerobic Digestion Biomass; Co-firing (biomass with fossil fuels);heat pumps; Hot Dry Rocks (HDR; Landfill Gas; Municipal Solid Waste Combustion; Sewage Sludge Digestion

GroundSure HS2 & Energy

This combined report provides full details on energy infrastructure projects and HS2 and Crossrail information including:

  • Information on around 100 major energy projects that are currently ongoing
  • Individual maps for each type of energy infrastructure
  • Concise data which distinguishes between licensed and offered blocks, as well as hydrocarbons extracted – all displayed on an easy to read map
  • Unique planning data for proposed wind turbines and farms, solar farms, onshore wells, power stations, nuclear installations, and major energy infrastructure – not just the Yorkshire and Humber CCS Pipeline
  • Information on HS2 and Crossrail stations and depots
  • In depth data on safeguaring and compensation schemes including:
    • Extended Homeowner Protection Zone
    • Homeowner Payment Zones
    • Subsurface Safeguarding area
    • Surface Safeguarding area
    • Extent of both surface and subsurface safeguarding areas


GroundSure Energy

Provides details on

  • Existing and planned hydrocarbon exploration and extraction sites
  • Existing and planned licensing blocks (areas which could be licensed for exploration)
  • Existing and planned wind farms and small wind turbine applications
  • Existing and planned power stations and large scale energy infrastructure
  • Location of existing and proposed solar energy farms (PV Arrays)
  • Large scale and strategic gas and oil pipelines
  • Yorkshire and Humber CCS 

Energy & Infrastructure

(Also included in Premium Report from FCI)

This report provides details on

  • Yorkshire and Humber CCS
  • Electrical Infrastructure (including power lines, cables and substations)
  • Energy & Environmental Projects (including gas pipes and sites, solar and wind farms)
  • Hydropower (existing and potential)
  • Oil & gas (including offered and licensed sites)
  • Power Stations (including nuclear)
  • Transport Infrastructure Projects (including Crossrail & HS2)


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