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Updates to CLS Japanese Knotweed Policy

Last updated at 15:34

CLS have developed their new Japanese Knotweed policy in line with recent changes to Q7.8 of the TA6 Form. 

What is Japanese Knotweed?

Originating from Japan, Taiwan and China, Japanese Knotweed is listed as one of the world’s 100 worst invasive species’. The weed can grow through concrete, asphalt and walls by exploiting weaknesses via cracks and joints. With the ability to grow over 1 metre in just 3 weeks and take up to 7 years to completely eradicate the infestation, some lenders are declining mortgages on properties that are known to be infested with Japanese Knotweed.

What is included within the CLS Policy?

1. £20,000 limit of indemnity

2. Covers buyers, lenders, landlords and successors (within 5 years of the inception date).

Why choose this Policy?

This policy does not have hidden exclusions unlike some alternatives, therefore ensuring a smoother claims process and reducing the possibility of not being able to claim at all. Many include limiting exclusions, for example, if Japanese Knotweed could have been discovered by visual inspection or survey, the claims would be excluded.


How to order

Both the residential (starting at £40 inc IPT) and the commercial policies (starting at £100 inc IPT) are available to order now via our bespoke offline ordering service. To place your order, please email customerservices@psgfs.co.uk


You can find out more about this policy by downloading our product card here.

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