PARTNER NEWS: Landmark's Sitecheck Combined gets an upgrade this March

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Sitecheck Combined - Flood Analysis Updated from 24th March

Our environmental data partner Landmark have announced that, from March 24th, their full combined contaminated land and flood assessment report Sitecheck report will be upgraded to feature even more in depth flood analysis. The report is already driven by Landmark's recently upgraded best in market risk models but will now ensure that any 'risky' sites are manually assessed by in-house environmental consultants, resulting in more passed assessments,

Designed for commercial properties up to 40 hectares, the benefits of the Sitecheck Combined include:


1. Best-in-market risk models with ‘risky’ sites reviewed manually by our in-house environmental consultants, resulting in more passed reports

2. Height of the property considered in relation to potential flood events, resulting in a highly accurate analysis

3. Also includes radon and environmental constraints

4. Clear front page summary of risks

5. Professional Opinion and Recommendations text can be copied and pasted into client documentation

6. Each report is supported by £10m PI


For more information on any of Landmark's products and reports, speak to your local PSG office,

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