PARTNER NEWS: Landmark reveal 53% of UK adults admit to never checking flood risk

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Ten years since the devastating summer floods of 2007, which saw over 48,000 homes affected by flooding1, the UK population is still failing to take adequate steps to understand whether their homes are at risk of flooding, with more than half (53%) of respondents from a YouGov survey confirming they have never checked whether their home is in an area officially considered to be at risk of flooding. 

This increases to 63% when specifically asking people in Scotland and higher again, 75%, when questioning people in Northern Ireland. 

The findings were revealed in a Landmark Information-commissioned YouGov survey that looked at how perceptions had changed over the ten-year period. 

The online survey highlighted that consumer knowledge of how to check whether a property is considered at risk from flooding was limited; 39% said that checking online via Google or other search engines would be their first port of call, followed by asking the Environment Agency (25%) and then asking their local council (13%). None of these sources alone provide sufficient information to properly assess risk. 

The same number of people also (13%) also stated that they would not know where to turn for this information at all. 

To support conveyancers and homebuyers in fully understanding flood risk, as part of the home purchasing process, Landmark has launched an updated portfolio of flood due-diligence reports and assessments. 

It includes the updated Homecheck Flood report, which is the only report of its kind to automatically include a bespoke risk assessment written by a specialist environmental consultant, should significant flood risk be identified within close proximity of the property. 

Homecheck Flood is the first flood report of its kind to provide access to an online portal that displays risks on an interactive digital map.    Plus, another unique feature is that property height (in relation to flood risk) is included within the automated risk model resulting in fewer ‘false positives’ and a more accurate assessment of genuine risk. 

In addition, a new FloodSolutions Consult report provides a clear summary of the risks, including impact analysis, details of what the flood risk is, the depth of flood waters and site-specific recommendations.


For more information on the full range of Landmark products available from PSG, contact your local office, or contact our national Customer Services Team on 01226 246644, or email

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