PARTNER NEWS: More flood passes with Landmark RiskView Commercial

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RiskView Commercial from Landmark is now even better – it is the only 'all in one' environmental report that includes 12 key risks and now includes a manual review where the data reveals a significant risk of flooding, resulting in far more flood passes.


The report also, uniquely, considers the height of the property in relation to possible flood events, resulting in a highly accurate risk result meaning that you get best practice due diligence with smoother, quicker transactions for you and your clients – no wonder Landmark support hundreds of thousands of transactions every year.


What is RiskView Commercial (RVC)?

RVC advises lawyers 4 assessments (Contaminated Land, Flood, Ground Stability and Energy & Infrastructure) in a single, easy to read report. It incorporates the data and assessments from 12 key risks covering contaminated land, flood, ground hazards, including radon, and energy and infrastructure; highlighting risks and information that may impact the future enjoyment and saleability of the property.


Built for the digital age

Landmark have developed an online viewing platform that's accessible via links embedded within the PDF report. Your clients simply click through to a unique interactive map where they can easily navigate around the property and understand any environmental risks at their leisure.


Key features

  1. Simplified environmental report with 4 assessments provided ‘in one’, allowing for a fixed-fee search pack for every client
  2. Report includes easy to interpret front page summary and only results requiring further action or investigation are included
  3. Professional opinion and recommendations text suitable to be copied into client reports
  4. Online viewer, provides interactive maps to explore and understand the full range of data


For more information about RiskView Commercial and the latest upgrade to it's flood reporting contact your local PSG Office.

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