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Title and Legal Indemnity Insurance

All insurance products are provided by PSG Client Services Ltd.  

Why use Title Insurance?

Title and Legal Indemnity Insurance policies aren’t required for every transaction, however, when you do identify an issue or potential issue for your clients it’s important you can source an appropriate policy quickly and at a competitive price. That’s why PSG has teamed up with Conveyancing Liability Solutions Limited (CLS) and made their market leading range of indemnity policies, ConveySure®, available direct to you and your clients through our web based ordering platform. 


Why order your policies through PSG?

  • Access to a range of over 35 Title and Legal Indemnity insurance policies 
  • Instant AA- rated cover when ordering online
  • Offline brokering service for bespoke policies
  • Quick quotes and draft policies you can send to 3rd parties
  • Sample policies to download and view
  • Order history and tracking
  • Secure storage of policies with round the clock access
  • Access to a range of policies to protect your client and fees in the event of a failed transaction


Policies available online include

  • Absence of Easement Insurance*
  • Absent Landlord Insurance
  • Adverse Possession*
  • Balcony Rights
  • Build Over Sewer
  • Building Standards Insurance
  • ChancelSure® Insurance*
  • Contaminated Land Insurance*
  • Contingent Buildings Insurance*
  • Defective Lease Insurance
  • Enforcement of Known or Unknown Rights of Way and/or Easements Insurance*
  • Enlargement of Lease Insurance*
  • Flat/Maisonette Insurance
  • Flying and/or Creeping Freehold Insurance*
  • Forfeiture of Lease (Bankruptcy/Insolvency) Mortgagee Insurance
  • Forfeiture of Lease (Breach of Covenant) Mortgagee Insurance
  • Forfeiture of Lease (Housing Act Repossession) (Lender)
  • Freehold Rent Charge Insurance*
  • Good Leasehold Title Insurance*
  • Insolvency Act Insurance
  • Lack of Permission to Construct a Vehicle Crossing or Dropped Kerb
  • Lack of Listed Building Consent*
  • Lack of Conservation Area Consent*
  • Limited Title Guarantee
  • Lost Title Deeds Insurance*
  • Manorial Rights
  • Mineral Rights Insurance*
  • Missing Information (Registered Title) Insurance*
  • Planning and/or Building Regulations Insurance
  • Registered Possessory Title Insurance
  • Restrictive Covenant Insurance
  • Right to Park (Leasehold) (Lender)
  • Search Insurance*

*Please note that we can provide both residential and commercial cover for this risk under our standard online policies.


Can’t meet the 'statements of fact' online?

For those transactions where you cannot comply with the 'statements of fact' online, our Customer Service Team can assist you offline. They understand the need for a rapid response in time critical situations and are focused on delivering solutions that provide you with the best cover in the most cost effective way possible.

For more information on these products please contact PSG Client Services Ltd via email or call 01226 978264.

To provide insurance to your clients your firm MUST be registered on the exempt professional register held by the FCA. For more information click here.


PSG Client Services Ltd is an Appointed Representative of UKGlobal Broking Group Limited and Dual Corporate Risks Ltd, which are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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