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Quality service, a comprehensive range of products and satisfaction guaranteed. That’s what PSG can offer you.

Over the last 2 decades PSG has evolved from a small operation in West Yorkshire in to a nationally recognised brand and market leader in search provision.  

Our biggest USP is without a doubt the PSG network.  No other provider has such an extensive network of offices, who look after their own customers at a local level ensuring the highest degree of personal service.

Our customers do not have to deal with call centres - fee earners and administrative staff contact the same people at PSG on a regular basis which builds a unique level of trust.  All PSG staff understand the pressures clients face and will do all they can to assist with a smooth transaction as far as the searches are concerned.

Going the extra mile is an overused phrase in customer service, but this is our overarching principle and why we are The Complete Search Service.

We don’t aim to be a good business we aim to be a great business.


What our clients say

We hold regular satisfaction surveys as we believe it’s the best way to gauge just how effectively we’re meeting our clients’ needs.

In our latest survey 99.5% of clients ordering searches said they would recommend PSG to others and 97% rated our service as good or excellent– figures which underline our commitment to offering you the very best service.


Our Credentials

PSG is a proactive and innovative company that engages with all parts of the conveyancing industry with the aim of staying ahead of the game.  PSG has developed relationships with Government departments and sits on stakeholder groups such as the Land Registry Land Charges project.  As an Executive Member of the Council of Property Search Organisations (CoPSO) we are able to engage with other industry bodies such as the CML, BSA, and The Law Society.

For more information on CoPSO and the Search Code please click here.


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